Lolcow fried_kooch / KingCasio / King of Kek - aka Deagle Nation Declassified: Venom Jace Awakens or How Deagle Nation Discombobulated

is it really though? i'll give you a hint: no, and you could have asked me
u having a pissy attitude from day 1 of coming back. Everyone was having fun and it became a problem that we were posting eachother on chans. yeah I didnt like getting singled out and treated like shit. Then you telling me im on your "list" or whatever. Its really hard to believe u wanted this to blow over or something.

kevin i basically said i assumed the worst and that you'd end up being a person who invests effort into dumb shit on the internet and then you, who had the chance to prove me wrong, got upset and then invested effort into dumb shit on the internet
what the fuck is this supposed to mean???
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kevintime/parysk, old internet buddy of mine who've recently cut off from petsonally because i do that to people i think are bad influences on me or vice versa; he's mentioned a bit in the aero thread here and on /cow/. he's been going through a rough period as of late, of you couldn't tell.
people like u dont help
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Undefeated Genius, Unyielding intellect and Power
the prodigal brony returns! enig gonna ask some more minors about their sexual fetishes? maybe roleplay as a tranny some more?
Kooch may be powerful
But i have attained more power then imaginable by you cretins
owning and operating the OFFICIAL DISCORD
has brought me strength and resolve above all others!
all aeromatic syncopaths such as kevintime will be smashed under my horrible FIST
you have been warned by TEMM
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Undefeated Genius, Unyielding intellect and Power
To explain to new comers Ive been apart of this community for a very long time now!
Genius and master of arithmetic, i invaded "D2" along with the official discordoites
I was well hated among the community especially by most members for rattling up the exceptional individual cage!
ive always been right and will always continue to be RIGHT
I may have been a major reason kooch deleted the D2 channel but who knows
all i know now my discord has come under fire here!
and its my duty under Reginald Loftus II creator of The Official Discord TOO END THESE RUMORS
if you wish to face me on a one on one basis you may JOIN The Official Discord and speak to me in person!
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